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Project 2023

A place to take a rest and have quality time with friends & family.” 

In the center of Jakarta, MV House embraces the essence of urban living. The client is a couple with a daughter. The couple runs several businesses, making their everyday life hectic. Owning a home that fits their lifestyle is their priority. MV House becomes more than a place to rest but also a space with many functions that can accommodate social gatherings with friends and family. 

The house seamlessly blends the outdoor and indoor areas, a rare luxury to have in central Jakarta. The inner court becomes the centerpiece of the residential space, offering a versatile setting for intimate gatherings and more extensive social events.

On the opposite of the swimming pool, a barbecue area is on the house terrace next to the living room. The open space and wide opening created by sliding glass doors along the way dissolve any disconnection from the outdoors. 

MV House includes a rooftop area for a private unwinding time for the residents.

The building’s design encapsulates the essence of contemporary living space and an expression of urban fluidity where a house’s function goes beyond the residential space. It’s a place to share more memories with friends and extended family.

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