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Project 2021

From the outside, the house looks hidden behind a tall concrete wall with only the second floor shown. However, as one steps inside the house through the main entrance, one can immediately notice a pond at the lower level. This allows the visitors to continue to the semi-private area located on the same level or go down to the communal area through the stairs. It gives a more spatial experience to the journey in the house. 

β€œAn almost-hidden house with a space inspired by the communal culture.” 

The communal area has an elevated tatami floor facing the shallow pond. This area was inspired by the existence of communal public spaces within Indonesian society. Pranala Associates intended to make a space where the owners can interact and have activities with their guests. 

Selected high-end furniture stands side by side with kayu ulin (ironwood) and concrete walls. Opposite the window of the semi-living area, rows of eucalyptus trees are planted next to the stairs to provide a different visual experience from various angles.

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