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Project 2017

Hikari House, which literally means “House of Light”, is designed to give the experience of how natural lighting and time interact with architecture. The natural light that enters the house will vary, not only by day but also depends on changes throughout the year. In addition, the airflow is designed the way the house ‘breathes’ from the terrace and living area towards the dining and dry garden.

Hikari House creates a strong bond between indoor and outdoor elements. This is shown on the terrace which blurs the line between the inside and outside of the house. Furthermore, can also be seen through the cactus garden that is seen from the dining room, seamlessly bring the outdoor to the indoor.

“A house with natural light and seamless border.”

The form and material of the house represent the idea of creating a house with low maintenance. With the use of materials such as exposed concrete, ulin wood, and steel bars for the exterior, Hikari House creates an impression of a modern tropical house.

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