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Project 2020

Lembur Urang is an area within the ecotourism of Dusun Bambu that accommodates Sundanese social and cultural activities. This area aims to give a sense of familiarity when visited, which is why the words ‘lembur urang’ itself is taken from the Sundanese language and can be interpreted as ‘my village’.

Lembur Urang is divided into two major parts, namely the village area and the multifunctional building area. In the village area, there are plazas and amphitheaters intended as a place for gathering (Sundanese: ngariung) and doing activities.

The multifunctional building area is made in a modern architectural style to provide a contrast to the village area but the architecture remains humble. The shape of the building itself is simple and uses natural materials to blend with the natural surroundings.

“A reminiscence of one’s hometown.”

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