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Project 2022

“A house that can maintain privacy and host a gathering at the same time”

YT House is a residence that emphasizes the owner’s desire for privacy by having rows of trees planted to hide the house from the outside. On the other hand, from the inside, the outdoor view will immediately focus on the trees, not directly facing the street in the front.

Even though it is located in the Bandung area where the temperature is relatively higher, does not require an air conditioner due to good air circulation from its large opening.

Pranala Associates emphasized the experiment in sequences on the ceilings to give an impression of a much larger space and provided large openings so that enough light entered the spaces.

Some details in this house are Inspired by kikkou, a Japanese traditional pattern depicting tortoiseshell which symbolized longevity. It can be seen on the ceiling in the living room decorated with faux rattan and wooden window screens of the bedrooms. 

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