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Project 2020

Just a step away from the entrance, visitors will be taken on a journey to enjoy the architecture of the house. Located in Bandung, Indonesia, Hover House presents architectural themes that experiment with gravity. From the beginning, the architecture of this house wanted to show that concrete which usually seems heavy can be designed in such a way that it looks light.

Hover House has 3 masses which are divided based on their respective functions. The house is preceded by a semi-open foyer, framing a striking elevational view of the main building that houses the main living quarters. The prevailing material utilized throughout the project is exposed concrete with a meticulously executed wood grain texture generated through the use of ‘heavy grained’ pine wood (Jati Belanda).

“A Journey Through the Gravity-defying Theme.”

For the interior, Hover House maintains the main theme (gravity-defying & hovering structure) with a fine selection of some furniture that hovers from the floor. Thus, the entire gravity-defying experience can be felt not only from the outside but also when the users are inside the home.

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